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    Gluten-Free Personal Chef Service
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Gluten-Free Dinner Kits


Fresh Gluten-Free ingredients delivered to your door.

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Gluten-Free Personal Chef


Delicious Gluten-Free meals fully prepared by Chef Gina

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WEEKLY Dinner Kit Menu.

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What's For Dinner?


Ginacooks4u has that answer with two options to choose.

Option#1: Gluten-Free Dinner Kits

  • Order from the weekly menu for Gluten-Free Dinner Kits and have all the pre measured ingredients along with simple cooking instructions arrive at your doorstep ready for you to prepare.
  • Order by Fridays and receive your Dinner Kits on Tuesdays
  • Service offered currently in Southern California


Option #2: Gluten-Free Personal Chef Service

  • Let the Chef do all the work- menu planning, grocery shopping, food preparation, packaging.
  • Have your complete dinners arrive at your house packaged with simple reheating instructions and ready to be heated or frozen.

About the Chef

Gina Simmons

Ginacooks4u Personal Chef Service is owned and operated by Gina Simmonds, a professional chef for over 12 years and was a member of the Personal Chef Association and Personal Chef Cooperative. She has Celiac Disease and knows the challenges of switching to and maintaining a Gluten-Free lifestyle. She finds support information at the Celiac Disease Foundation, The Celiac Support Association of San Diego, and the Gluten Intolerant Group. She uses her experience of creativity and flexibility to create unique and diverse dishes prepared for her client's individual tastes.